IPL SRL operates in compliance with current laws and applicable regulations, both nationally and supranationally. The achievement of economic objectives and one’s permanence over time, i.e. its resilience, cannot be separated from the commitment to generate value in a broad sense, both for one’s employees and for one’s suppliers, as well as the community that gravitates around the company, and all the stakeholders that surround it.
Sustainability as an ethical, operational and reputational cornerstone, is expressed in the ESG conduct of the company, i.e. in respect for the Environment, People and good management criteria. The values of ESG Responsibility of the company are therefore part of the Code of Ethics, the corporate culture and the context in which the company operates.
IPL SRL concretely adopts responsible choices that protect the environment, the people who work inside and outside it, and corporate governance.
The corporate strategies and choices of IPL SRL concretely reflect the commitment to sustainability and the achievement of the Development Goals Sustainable UN.

Respect for shared values, both in business and in the human sphere, creates opportunities for mutual development and conservation of the natural, human and cultural heritage, protecting the well-being of future generations.

Environmental Protection

Principles and Environmental Values

In compliance with its values of environmental sustainability, IPL SRL pays particular attention to issues related to the themes of biodiversity and natural resources and, in this sense, undertakes to adopt corporate strategies and techniques that improve the environmental impact of its activities, in compliance with current legislation, also taking into account the development of scientific research and the best experiences.

In order to reduce environmental risks, IPL SRL undertakes to operate in line with the following principles:

  • progressive integration of the care of the environmental aspects of the activities carried out with corporate strategies;
  • implementation of all actions necessary to ensure compliance with and adaptation to regulatory provisions in force;
  • constant staff updating on legislative and regulatory developments on the environment;
  • awareness and involvement of personnel on environmental issues, in order to achieve high standards of professionalism.

Impartiality of treatment and equal opportunities

Social Principles and Values

The persons required to comply with the Code of Ethics operate, in the performance of their work, in compliance with the company procedures approved by the Management and take decisions with rigor and transparency, opposing and refusing any form of discrimination and gender inequality. The staff ensures equal treatment between all those who, for whatever reason, come into contact with IPL SRL, adopting standard procedures that reward merit and respect the criterion of contractual transparency.

This applies both to personnel, at every stage of the relationship – from recruitment – and to commercial partners and/or suppliers who are selected by applying the above principles.

Relationships with our Suppliers

Our Commitments

IPL SRL undertakes to conduct commercial relations with its Suppliers in compliance with the following Key Principles:

  • Legality: as a commitment to respect the Ethical Principles, Laws and Regulations in force, international, community and national, refusing any form of avoidance and corruption, contributing, also in this way, to the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing;
  • Honesty, Respect, Reliability and Trust: basis of every relationship with business partners that generates mutual benefits;
  • Conflict of interest and fair competition: seriousness in respecting contractual commitments, preventing any form of conflict of interest that could generate an undue advantage. The principle of fair competition is applied in the selection of suppliers, selected on the basis of criteria of economic, environmental and social sustainability;
  • Quality: commitment to provide excellent products and services, in compliance with industry standards;
  • Impartiality: suppliers are selected on the basis of compliance with the principles of non-discrimination, adopting documentable and objective criteria;
  • Continuous improvement: attention to the themes of innovation, respect for good practices and mutual collaboration, as a guarantee of resilience of relationships;
  • Transparency and Confidentiality: in communication and contractual relationships with all stakeholders.

ESG Perfomance