A culture based on quality

For years, IPL has been aiming at a culture based on quality for PVC & PP pipes and fittings, manufactured in compliance with UNI EN standards and therefore safe, durable and recyclable.

An approach that aims at product quality and sustainability and at a conscious choice of materials based on proven technical and scientific criteria.



Not everyone knows that PVC is a material that is considered ecological , as this substance has little impact on the environment throughout its cycle of life, from production to recycling.
In fact, there is no risk that PVC can deteriorate and / or pollute the various layers of the soil, nor the groundwater state, as is often the case with other materials. In fact, the disposal of PVC in landfills does not pose environmental problems, thanks to the perfect stability and inertia of the material.


The production of polyvinyl chloride

It requires a very limited amount of energy and has a very low emission of CO2 and sulfur dioxide; the waste obtained from its production and old products, such as PVC pipes , can be recovered within a new production cycle; the low specific weight reduces consumption for its transport; its antistatic and water repellent surface makes it inhospitable to molds and microbes and protects it from chemical and oxidative corrosion.


Buying PVC and PP pipes is an ecological choice for our ecosystem.