IPL has a forty-year tradition in the plastic industry

The company’s history began in the 1970s with the founder Dino La Scala, who started the business with pipes and shutter profiles extrusion. His project has been continued until today by his natural successors, Sergio and Concetta.




IPL SRL within the last years has been continuously improving its production cycle , reducing the environmental impact deriving from the manufacturing activities.
Photovoltaics, circular economy and recovery of processing waste mean that environmental protection is one of the main objectives.


The supplies and advice offered by IPL are guaranteed by a dense commercial network of agents and representatives that covers the whole of central and southern Italy. The pipes designed by the company are made of PVC and PP, we are currently the only manufacturer in southern Italy of polypropylene pipes.
However, there are many difficulties in finding PVC, as it is no longer produced in Italy. Despite this, the company guarantees reduced delivery times and is able to meet customer needs.

All the pipes are produced in compliance with current UNI EN regulations and meet all required standards.
IPL produces a wide range of different diameter pipes for a great variety of uses. The product list includes PVC exhaust pipes for hot and wastewater in civil and industrial buildings, pipes for ventilation, rain and domestic water drainage as well as PVC pipes for civil and industrial underground drainage and PVC pipes for electric cable protection.


Since 2015 the company has specialized in the extrusion of polypropylene graft pipes for civil and industrial double-layer exhausts with white interior and gray exterior, greater impact resistance, self-extinguishing, thermoformed junction glass with elastic gasket in order to speed up installation without the use of special equipment, thanks to the connection with a plug-in cup.
This system of plug-in drain pipes allows to speed up the execution times of the exhaust systems, also the technical characteristics of the raw materials give greater safety in terms of robustness and sound absorption.
The range of diameters starts from 32 mm up to 160 mm with lengths ranging from 15 cm up to 3 meters.


Currently the IPL is a SME with registered office and production plant in the industrial area of the municipality of Belpasso, Catania.
Our customers are retailers of building, thermo-hydraulic and hardware material. A parallel sales network is responsible for the follow-up of the works carried out by public or private construction companies. Particularly worth mentioning are the supplies to the State Railways, Naples and Catania undergrounds, 3Sun Gigafactory of Enel Green Power in Catania as well as to the NATO base in Sigonella, Catania. Furthermore, IPL has been active in Malta for years, and in Libya as well before the current political crisis.