IPL at the K in Düsseldorf – the leading trade fair for the plastics and rubber Industry.


K is “The World’s No.1 Trade Fair for plastics and Rubber“, which has been held every three years continuously since 1952. The joy of the Plastics and Rubber Industry at finally being able to exchange ideas in person on a global level again after three years characterised K 2022 Düsseldorf and ensured an excellent mood among the 3.037 exhibitors.

The companies reported extraordinarily good leads and a marked willingness to invest among trade visitors, mentioning promising new customer relations and the conclusion of numerous, in part, spontaneous business deals.


14 June 2023

Dr. Giacomoni at IPL

Last week we were pleased to welcome at IPL’s headquarters in Catania Dr. Valeria Giacomoni, SICA’s managing director....